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        RuoPeng Ma


        Partner and managing director

        PHD in economics from Xi’an Jiao Tong University.

        Served as the managing director of Synergetic Innovation Fund Management Co., Ltd and deputy General Manager of fund management department of Shenzhen Venture Capital Group, General Manager of north-west region, while holding the positions of General Managers of Shanxi Hongtu venture capital, Xi’an Hongtu, Baoji Hongtu, Yan’an Hongtu, and Xi'an Jingfa Venture Capita.


        With 7 years of managing experience in major state-owned enterprises and technological firms, and 19 years of industrial, Private Equity investments, Venture Capital investments and corporate restructuring experiences, became well-seasoned in the practice of equity investments, Mergers & Acquisitions and asset management; skilled in investment analysis, valuation and transaction structuring; with a wealth of knowledge on both local and foreign capital markets’ policies.

        Instigated over 30 investment projects, 2 of which has been listed in foreign stock exchanges, 4 on china’s main stock exchange and Growth Enterprise Market exchange, 6 on National Equities Exchange and Quotations, 6 others which have been acquired.

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